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The company promoting export-import of transportation told Ukrainian producers about the details of logistics, the nuances of customs clearance of goods when entering the international market.

1. Planning logistics is necessary at the stage of intent to enter a new market. Previously, it is necessary to monitor the possible methods of delivery: modes of transport, optimal and alternative route.

2. When planning logistics it is necessary to take into account that in the peak season, for example, on the eve of the New Year’s holidays, you may encounter a shortage of rolling stock, trucks, container equipment, and as a result, increase the price of delivery. Also, in such periods at the end of the year there is a problem with the lack of special permits – called in professional circles as “permissions” – the document allows you to cross a country. In order to avoid such situations, it will be correct to sign a contract with a reliable logistics operator and schedule pre-production volumes and the number of vehicles or related equipment under them, fixing shipping prices.

3. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that it will be necessary to choose the best terms of supply in the framework of an international contract in accordance with International Trade Terms. These are the standard terms of international sales contracts developed by the International Chamber of Commerce.