Cargo handling in seaports increased by 4.7%


In sea ports of Ukraine, the volume of cargo transportation in the first half of 2017 amounted to 66,049 million tons – this figure is 4.7% higher than the data for the same period last year. This official information is provided by the Administration of Seaports of Ukraine. Previously, specialists operated operational data transshipment, for which the volumes were slightly higher – 66.261 million tons or 5% more than the previous indicator.
general data
According to the latest official information, 50.733 million tons were transported for export in ports (+ 5% by January-June 2016). Imports went 9.3 million tons (+ 16.5%). The volume of transit traffic – 5,378 million tons (+2,4%), the coastal – 638 thousand tons (-58,9%).
The largest transshipment indicator is in dry bulk cargoes. It amounted to 47,587 million tons – an increase of 8% over 6 months in 2016. The volume of transshipment of bulk cargoes – 5.712 million t (+ 11.7%), containerized cargo – 12.749 million t (-8.3%).
Almost a third (29.9%) of the total volume of freight traffic is grain cargoes. The volume of their transshipment amounted to 19.773 million tons – 19.4% more than the same period in 2016. The second volume is ore (15.266 million tons or -14.5%), followed by ferrous metals (7.259 million tons or -15.9%). Five are closing coal (4.73 million tons or 62.8%), as well as oil (3,061 million tons or +29.7%).
Seaport “Southern”
Terminals of all forms of ownership over 6 months exceeded 22.1 million tons – by 7.3% more than six months in 2016. At the same time, handling of bulk cargoes in the port decreased to 1.7 million tons (by 13.9%). Among them, 139 thousand tons of petroleum products (+ 1,4%), 659 thousand tons of vegetable oil (+ 25,1%), 950 thousand tons of chemical goods (-30,5%) were reloaded.
Seaport “Chornomorsk”
Over half a year, 3.8 million tons of grain were transported here – by 21.5% more than during the six months of 2016. Grain cargoes accounted for 47.2% of the total turnover of goods in the port. During the same period 842.6 thousand tons of oil were transported in the port (+ 17.1%). Total transshipment volumes increased by 4.2% and amounted to 8 million tons.
Sea port “Olbia”
Over half a year transshipment here has increased to 3.4 million tons – by 35.2% more than in the 6 months of last year. Bulk cargo transported 55 thousand tons (2.4 times more). The volume of dry bulk cargo handling was 3.2 million tons (+ 65.7%). Of these, 1.7 mln tons of grain were transported (2.36 times as much). The volumes of handling of construction goods increased – 1 million tons (+ 59.2%).
In the administration of the ports of Ukraine previously reported that in six months Ukrainian seaports processed 5672 vessels – 455 units (7.4%) less than the same period last year