Oversized transportation


Oversized transportation

The peculiarity of the oversized cargo is that it can not be transported by conventional lorries. Requires special equipment, official permissions and traffic regulations. The cargo itself is beyond the limits of the permissible rules, therefore, the conditions of its transportation are also subject to increased requirements.

Additional constraints are the possibilities of technology and communication. So, the road surface may have limitations on tonnage, the height of the bridges will not allow anything to be carried high, and railway wagons have a strict limit on width.

Transportation of oversized cargoes requires careful planning and practical knowledge of the characteristics of roads. It is necessary to choose the right technique, how to secure the cargo, to issue a transportation permit. The oversized load must be placed so that it does not restrict the driver’s review; the load must not impair the ability to drive a vehicle or close the lamps and markup elements on the vehicle; oversized traffic must be organized in such a way that no threat to the surrounding transport is created.

Usually, when transporting oversized cargoes, a low-tram trawl is used. It has a higher load carrying capacity, and the platform itself is lower than that of the wagon. This allows you to compensate for exceeding the permissible height.

At the disposal of the company are:

-qualified managers;
-experienced drivers-forwarders;
-Authorized transport in excellent condition;
-different types of mounting systems oversized.
All this allows not only to find the optimal solution for the transportation of oversized cargo, but also to realize it. If necessary, transshipment, storage, insurance and maintenance are organized.

Specialists of the company can accurately determine the appropriate for your type of large-sized trawl cargo and effectively use its capacity. Reliable fastening system ensures reliability during transportation, not even on the best parts of the road.