Customs brokerage services


Custom services

Custom services in Europe:
We offer a range of services for business entities and individual customers who trade in goods with foreign countries. Based on the Customs Code of the European Union, we provide services for the organization of customs clearance in all customs procedures:
-organization of customs clearance in export procedure (EX)
– delivery of transport documents TIR Carnet (Carnet TIR), CMR, SMGS
-the authorization of our own customs gives us the opportunity to organize customs clearance in the customs transit procedure (T1)
-organization of customs clearance in admission to commodity circulation (IM)
– Providing evidence of origin, EUR1.

Custom services in Ukraine:
Offers a full range of customs clearance services
-Consultation on customs clearance
-Preparation calculation of the cost of customs clearance
-Cargo registration in the modes “import”, “export”, “transit”
-Organization of obtaining permits for import / export, certificates for products, as well as other documents necessary for customs clearance of cargoes

We can guarantee:
-Minimization of risks during customs clearance
-At adequate prices for customs-brokerage services