Complex of
logistics services

International directions, cargo transportation in Ukraine

Type of transport

Multimodal transportation


Railway transportation


Sea Freight


Road haulage



Ability to reduce expenses of your company for the maintenance of personnel, transport, warehouses. Logistics outsourcing allows you to unify business processes in the company.

«Tir- Tranzit Ukraine» is a 3-level logistics provider (3PL) – we carry out any work related to the transportation of goods.

Traditional carrier Tir - Tranzit Ukraine

The company provides a single service - transportation

We provide complex services in the field of logistics: transportation, warehousing, customs clearance, insurance, consolidation

Work for a local, regional market

We carry door to door delivery around the world (global market)

Carry out one-time deals. Often, the value is overestimated, as it is not oriented to long-term cooperation

Focusing on long-term partnership. We help reduce costs by optimizing business processes: you save on the creation and maintenance of the logistics department of the company

You design your own route, select the warehouse, the carrier carries out delivery only

We carry out a full range of services on a turn-key basis: we develop the best route for you, collect cargo, transport, store