Warehouse services

Warehouse services

The company offers its customers warehousing logistics in Europe as well as in Ukraine, providing them with 1500 m² of customs warehouses and 2400 m² of customs and expeditionary warehouses equipped with equipment for unloading and loading goods. The facilities are equipped with modern monitoring systems and have round-the-clock protection. Hazardous, industrial and food products in hard packages can be taken into storage, with the exception of goods requiring a refrigerator. At the request of our clients, we can consolidate prefabricated cargoes, repack, rasaletirovat, paletovyh, etikirovat goods, as well as organize its distribution on the domestic and foreign markets. We offer overload of over-regulated goods with the use of cranes, as well as special conveyors for conveyance of container goods

Rent of Special equipment

Rent of Special equipment

Rental of special equipment is the best option for its use, if your company does not have its own fleet, and the machinery is used for a short period or for specific work.

Acquiring your own special equipment is often unjustifiable, because these machines should pay for themselves, which is quite problematic. The technique requires normal maintenance, it can idle or periodically fail, which leads to considerable financial expenses.

Such a service as the “lease of special equipment” is becoming more and more popular today. After all, it helps to get rid of all the above problems, and in cash equivalent is more advantageous than the acquisition.

The lease includes seasonal or targeted use of equipment by business entities without its acquisition. When transferring special equipment to a rental, its technical condition is controlled by the relevant departments of the landlord company.

Our company provides the following services:

-oriented construction machinery
-and, earth moving equipment
-port of special transport
– stock of loading and unloading machinery.

Export / Import Services

Export / Import Services

Today, the competitiveness of companies operating in the field of export-import of goods, is directly related to the quality organization of international freight transport. The efficiency and safety of international cargo transportation, along with the full range of services provided, are the most profitable for our customers.

Using the services of our transport company you will get the highest quality service:

-complete security
-wide shipping geography
-the selection of transport without restrictions
-complex approach to cargo transportation

Any international cargo transportation requires a coordinated work of a number of organizations responsible for packaging, transportation, storage and handling of goods. Our company carries out international cargo transportation in full complex, so that our customers did not have to enter into many contracts with different transport companies. We fully assume the organization of all stages, which include international freight traffic. Specialists of our company are attentive to each client, regardless of the volume of cargo transported by him and the complexity of the intended route. We respect our customers and are always happy for both regular and new customers.

Customs brokerage services

Custom services

Custom services in Europe:
We offer a range of services for business entities and individual customers who trade in goods with foreign countries. Based on the Customs Code of the European Union, we provide services for the organization of customs clearance in all customs procedures:
-organization of customs clearance in export procedure (EX)
– delivery of transport documents TIR Carnet (Carnet TIR), CMR, SMGS
-the authorization of our own customs gives us the opportunity to organize customs clearance in the customs transit procedure (T1)
-organization of customs clearance in admission to commodity circulation (IM)
– Providing evidence of origin, EUR1.

Custom services in Ukraine:
Offers a full range of customs clearance services
-Consultation on customs clearance
-Preparation calculation of the cost of customs clearance
-Cargo registration in the modes “import”, “export”, “transit”
-Organization of obtaining permits for import / export, certificates for products, as well as other documents necessary for customs clearance of cargoes

We can guarantee:
-Minimization of risks during customs clearance
-At adequate prices for customs-brokerage services